Kate Jenkins

Stumbled on some work by Kate Jenkins a while ago now although I can’t remember quite where! I’m absolutely loving her new work though, ready for her latest exhibition at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery. It runs from 2nd-24th July at the galleries Charlotte Street location. View more of Kate’s work on her website or keep track of her blog for up to date information on her latest work.

Ryan Dixon

Every now and again a piece of work comes along and you can’t quite believe you haven’t seen it before. This is most certainly the case with Ryan Dixon’s Typographic ‘Tache posters. If you’re lucky enough to be in Hague in the Netherlands then you can pop along to the The Ship Of Fools gallery and see them in the flesh at ‘More is a Bore’, an exhibition of Minimalist Graphic Art showing between 7th May – 25th June. I like them so much I’m going to try and get my hands on a print! See more of Dixon’s work on his website.

Nick Gentry

Nick Gentry creates his art from floppy discs, an item from the past that somehow makes me feel very nostalgic. Check out his website for a detailed description on his work and also to make a donation of your old floppy discs!

Treat Studios

Animation studio Treat have a great variety of work. Visit their vimeo or view all of their work on their new website here.

Senz Umbrella

Quite simply, I want one of these! Struggling through the rain in the recent bad weather I experienced my first case of ‘umbrella envy’ as I was passed by a calm and aerodynamic person carrying one of these. Lovely product design, and quite a nice little animated ad too, literally an award winning umbrella! Experience the whole collection here and check out some of their product testing videos too.

A Love Letter For You

Lovely typography on a grand scale! I struggled to pick my favourites so please go and look at them all here!

Elisa Strozyk

Interesting concepts and ideas behind the use of thermochronics in heat changing wallpaper from Elisa Strozyk. I partricularly like the notion of thermachronic wallpaper being used as a reminder to switch the heating off when leaving the house.

30 Dumb Inventions

30 incredibly dumb inventions to brighten your day. See the whole set here. Featured above is the Shower Hood from 1970, ‘for the woman who likes to put makeup on her dirty face.’

Patrick Fry

Patrick Fry, designer and occasional collaborator with the recently featured Shaz Madani has a really broad range of exciting work on his site. The above is only a snapshot so it’s definitely worth a look.

OK Go: This Too Shall Pass

Happy video.